Sunday, May 11, 2008

Avant Sensors

[Announcement] AWN Sensors Applet
I wish OSX's dock could do this:

Avant Window Manger (OSX Dock Clone) on Ubuntu


VPN Server on DD-WRT


This method works pretty well although the default encryption is very weak. Kinda defeats the purpose of doing it. The tutorial should cover that but it only mentions it as a passing remark. 

Fedora 9 default theme, not good.

Lots of bad design choices here.1) Fonts are inconsistent. Some are huge, some are tiny. 2) Icons are far too big and waste your screen space3) No matching FireFox theme installed by default.4) Inconsistent colors (black taskbar, annoyingly bright icons everywhere else. Huh?)The Linux would needs to embrace functional minimalism. Trying to compete with Microsoft on who can make the tackiest default theme is not a good way to win over users.

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Classy GNOME Themes Part 2

Classy GNOME Themes Part 1

Scientific research has shown that upwards of 90% of themes downloaded from the internet are ugly as fuck. Here's a couple classy GNOME themes that won't make you go blind or spontaneously vomit upon looking at your display.